HUGH McMAHON B.A (hons.)            STAINED GLASS            

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Welcome to Hugh McMahon Stained Glass

My Background

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Originally trained in Fine Art (B.A. hons.) with an emphasis on sculpture and painting, I went on to complete an apprenticeship with a glass decorator, learning the basics of leadwork and acid etching. This gave me a firm foundation for establishing my own business.

My painting and sculptural background helps both with the design side of Stained Glass and with my more sculpturally based craft work which uses similar materials and techniques, but has a very insect and arachnid oriented theme. This can be found on my other website .

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Throughout the pages of the site you will see referances to Stained glass and Leaded lights. For the most part these terms have become almost interchangable . Yet they do have very definite meanings . Leaded lights are basically either clear or coloured glass cut to a pattern and held togather by lead strips to form a patterned door or window panel. Stained glass or glass staining on the other hand is the practice of painting silver stain ( silver nitrate ) onto usually clear glass sections and firing them in a kiln to produce fixed shades of yellow . Often seen in painted church windows to denote gold, bright light or yellow hair . Other painting techniques are used in these windows but staining only refers to these yellow / amber painted sections.

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Located in Old Basford (north Nottingham) I have been designing, building and repairing Stained Glass / Leaded Lights using traditional techniques since 1994. In that time I have acquired a wide knowledge of the period glass of the Nottingham area, and a thorough understanding of what makes a Stained Glass panel endure .

For repairs and new windows in Nottingham and the surounding area , or just some advice call us on 0115 9700987