HUGH McMAHON B.A (hons.)            STAINED GLASS            

                                                EST.  1994  

                               TEL.  0115  9700987

Design & Production of new window and door panels

Stained Glass is a wonderful way to add charm and character to areas of any building. Whether you are interested in a traditional / period design or a new more contemporary look, the first step is usually a home visit.

On the first visit we would assess the light levels in the area where the glass would be situated,look at and discuss design options and give an indication of cost .

The second step would be for us to produce an initial design on paper with a good estimate. At this point there would be no obligation on the customers part.

After and only after a design has been approved and glass chosen would we pass on to the third stage where a deposit would be taken, a full size pattern is produced and the customer chooses the final selection of glass, colour and texture from the workshop stock . This is also the point when a final quote can be given as the glass is now chosen.